Competition Rules


All new FINA rules will be applied where possible.

Due to pool restrictions at most venues, no sideline (flying) substitutions will be allowed.

Game Times

  • Games will be 4 x 6 min running time for round games, semi-finals and play-off games.
  • Grand Finals will be 4 x 5min actual.
  • 30 Second Shot Clock
  • 20 Second Exclusion, after rebound or from a 2m (New Rules).
  • Games will run on 40 min intervals. Game clocks will start at the scheduled start time of the game. Teams must be ready and capped up 10 minutes before the game start time

Time wasting rule

  • During any running-time game, where the score is drawn or a team has a one goal advantage in the last minute of the game, the team that is leading cannot substitute any player. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in a 5m penalty (against goalie) and the coach will be yellow carded. No substitutes can be made in the last minute if the score is tied.


  • Teams will receive the following points for results.

Win – 3 Points

Draw – 2 Points

Loss – 1 Point

Forfeit – 0 Points

  • In the case of teams being even on points at the end of the round game, FINA rules for tie-breaking will be used.
  • Results will be kept up to date on the website under draw/results.
  • In the event of a drawn game the below rules will be applied –
    • 1-4 semi final or medal game
      • Penalty shootout
    • Quarter-final, 5-8 semi final or play-off game.
      • Highest place team will go through/win. i.e. 1A vs 2B, 1A would win/go through.

Team Composition

  • Teams will be made up of a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 15 players.
  • Games will be played with 6 field players and 1 goalkeeper. 
  • Goalkeepers can be switched at any time.
  • Only 5 players can “float” between divisions for each gender in each club. ie A club can only have 5 players play both 1st and 2nd division or U14 and U17 divisions.


  • First team listed will wear white caps and start at the end, which is closest to the left of the table if looking from the table.

Ball Size

  • Men and U17 Boys competitions will play with Size 5 balls.
  • Women, Girls and U14 Boys competitions will play with size 4 balls.
  • KAP7 CBR CUP Balls must be used during games and returned to buckets after games.

Time outs

  • No time outs will be permitted, with the only exemption being the gold medal games. During the gold medal games 2 time-outs at any time will be permitted.

Masters Rules

  • Teams are limited to 3 players under the age of 35.
  • No current AWL rostered players or national squad members can play in the masters team.
  • Players over 70 will be identified by a cap of different colour than their teams and the oppositions caps and either:
    • Cannot be fouled;
    • One goal counts for 2 goals
  • A team will supply ages for all competitors to Canberra Cup organisers in order to have their team’s “Average Age” calculated.
  • The “Average Age” will determine the team’s handicap for the tournament. Handicaps can be found below:
Average Age Handicap – Goal Advantage
40 or less 0
41 – 45 2
46 – 50 4
51 – 55 8
56 – 60 10
61+ 14
  • Each team’s handicap is the score in which they will start each game with.

Please note, where there is not enough teams for a quality “Masters only” tournament, masters teams will be grouped with 2nd division teams for round games. However, we will attempt to hold a Masters final series.

All other FINA rules will apply.