Competition Rules

Team Size

  • 6 players per team on the field including the goalkeeper.
  • Max 13 players in a team.
  • The referee has the discretion to add players to teams to even out the game for overall enjoyment.

Game Times

  • 2x 10min halves with no shot clock used.


  • Games will be played with a size 2/3 ball.
  • CWPA will supply balls and caps for those who require them.
  • Caps to be collected and returned to the cap bin after the team’s final game.

Field Set-up

  • Fields will be 15m long and 12.5m wide. Where possible 12&U goals will be used however larger goals will be used if necessary.
  • As there are no 5m penalties and no shots after the foul, only 2m (Red) and halfway (White) cones will be set-up.

Game play

  • Halfway restart after a goal.
  • No 2m corner throws. All balls coming off the goalkeeper or going over the goal line will result in a goal throw.


  • All players kicked out will only be required to swim to the ejection area before re-entering. No 20 sec exclusion.
  • No penalties to be called, exclusions to be called for all major fouls.
  • No shots can be taken after a foul. The ball must be passed to a teammate before a shot can take place.


  • All players must fill out the enrolment form and make payment prior to competing.
  • Enrolment form can be accessed here –
  • Payment can be made at the pool with cash or card.