WATERPOLOOZA’s number one rule is “Fun”. We encourage all athletes to have a great experience, put into practice skills learnt in training whilst also learning new skills along the way. To help this to happen we have some modified rules below.


Competition Rules

General Rules

– Rules will fall in line with Water Polo Australia’s 12&U Rules. Some exemptions may apply, these are listed below.

New FINA Rules

We will be implementing the below new FINA rules. The other “NEW” FINA rules are not able to be implemented based upon other restrictions. We are implementing the below rules as we believe they will be easier for the players to understand and make the game flow better.

– A free throw shall be taken from the location of the ball, except if the foul is committed by a defending player within the defenders 2m area, the free throw shall be taken on the 2 meter line.

– After a foul is committed outside of 6m, a player can put the ball into play and then shoot. This includes swimming and baulking with the ball, provided the player has put the ball into play. Note, the ball should always be put into play after a foul, even if the player doesn’t intend to shoot.

– Inside the 6m area, when a player is swimming with and/or is holding the ball and is impeded (attacked) from behind an EXCLUSION foul will be called.


– There will be NO PENALITIES called at WATERPOLOOZA to help speed up play.

Field of Play

– Field of play will be 23m(L) x 12.5m (W)

Game Times

– Games will be 4 x 5min running time for round games, semi-finals and play-off games.

– Medal games will be 4 x 6min running.

– Games will run on 40 min intervals. Game clocks will start at the scheduled start time of the game. Teams must be ready and capped up 10 minutes before the game start time.

Time wasting rule

– During any running time game where the score is drawn or a team has a one goal advantage in the last minute of the game. The team that is leading cannot substitute any players within the last minute. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in a 5m penalty (against goalie) and the coach will be yellow carded. No substitutes can be made during the last minute if the score is tied.

Player Eligibility

– Players are to be born 2009 or later.

– All players must be registered with their state association. Membership numbers will be collected with the team list form.


– Teams will receive the following points for results.

Win – 3 Points

Draw – 2 Points

Loss – 1 Point

Forfeit – 0 Points

– In the case of teams being even on points at the end of the round game, FINA rules for tie-breaking will be used.

– Results will be kept up to date on the website under draw/results.

– In case of a draw in a Medal game, golden goal will decide the game. After 5mins the referees will stop the game for 30secs to allow teams to make substitutions before recommencing. Teams will remain at the same end until the end of the game.

Team Composition

– Teams can be made up of up to 13 players. 5 Field players and 1 Goal Keeper will make up the playing group.

– Goalkeepers can be switched at any time.


– First team listed will wear light caps and start at the end closest to the boom.

Ball Size

– Size 2 balls will be used.

Time outs

– No time outs will be permitted.

All other FINA rules will apply.