Pan Pacs Training Camps

We have a number of training camps coming up in preparation for our Pan Pacs Tour. Please find the details below.


The camps will be held at the Gungahlin Leisure Centre, Tuggeranong and AIS Pools on 21/22 June and 28/29 June 2014.


We are having a Pan Pacs meeting on Saturday 28th June 1-2pm. This is compulsory for all athletes. Parents are also encouraged to come. This is where final information and uniform will be given out.


Cost: $30 per camp, per player plus pool entry .


What to bring: Swimmers, Towel, Drink Bottle, Snacks, Pen and Paper.


Program – Training Camp

28th June – 29th June

Gungahlin Leisure Centre and CISAC


Saturday 28th June


8am – 10am – U18 & U20 Boys Blue & Girls Blue (Gungahlin)


9am – 11:00am – U14 Girls and Boys  with SNB Breakers (CISAC)


10am – 12pm – U16 Boys Blue and Girls Blue (Gungahlin)




1pm – 2:30pm – U14 Girls and Boys with SNB Breakers (Gungahlin)


2pm – 3:30pm – U20 and U18 Boys (CISAC)


2:30pm – 4pm – U20 and U18 Girls (Gungahlin)


3:30pm – 5pm – U16 Boys (CISAC)


4pm – 5:30pm – U16 Girls (Gungahlin)


Sunday 29th June


8am – 10am – U16 Blue Boys (Gungahlin)


9am – 11am – U14 Girls and Boys with SNB Breakers (CISAC)


10am – 12am – U16 Girls (Gungahlin)


12pm – 2pm – U18 and U20 Boys (Gungahlin)


2pm – 4pm – U18 and U20 Girls (Gungahlin)