Canberra Water Polo Academy is set to hit the road this coming Friday en-route to Auckland, New Zealand to compete in the Pan Pacific Youth Water Polo Festival. CWPA will send 10 teams to compete in U14, U16 and U18 competitions and is looking to have some fantastic results.

CWPA returns in 2016 after having great success in the 2014 edition of the bi-annual tournament. The last time CWPA “crossed the ditch” we returned with a Bronze (U14 Girls), Silver (U18 Boys) and Gold (U20 Women). They were the first medals won for the Academy and have been huge motivators for our teams this year.

This year’s tour will be a younger tour than normal, with the two U14 Boys and Girls teams, 2 U16 Boys and Girls Team and one team in each of the U18 Boys and Girls tournaments.

At the conclusion of the tournaments we will hit the road down to Rotorua to participate in some adventure activities including white water rafting, luging and agro adventures. Athletes and officials will also attend a cultural experience where they will learn about the Maori Culture and feast on a naturally cooked Hungi.

Family and friends will be able to keep up to date with what the teams are getting up to whilst over in New Zealand via our Facebook page “Canberra Water Polo Academy”. We will be posting results, photos and videos to ensure everyone is able to see how we are performing as well as see the fun we’re having. Make sure to get all friends and family to “LIKE” the page to ensure they don’t miss out on sharing the experience from home.

Below we have our team profiles to see what the teams are looking forward to the most.

U14 Girls Black

Team nickname: Aquatots

Coach: Mel Taylor

Manager: Julianne Brettargh

The U14 Girls team are looking to hit the ground running after already having a huge year playing together. The girls have already competed at NSW Championships and National Championships having great results at both tournaments. The girls goal is to finish anywhere in the top 5 with a medal a great possibility. The girls want to make sure they are the best player they can be and will be looking forward to hopefully scoring lots of goals.


Outside of the pool the girls are looking forward to Bungee Jumping and paint ball, eating a 1kg jar of Nutella and having a great experience with friends.


U14 Girls White

Team nickname: The Great White Sharks

Coach: Ange Carter

Manager: Dave Batho

The U14 Girls Great White Sharks will look to not only CWPA and the ACT but also includes athletes from the UNSW club. The team are looking forward to “meeting and beating” teams from all over the world who play a different style of Water Polo from what they are used to playing against normally. The team are looking to compete to the best of their ability and have fun in the water.
Away from the pool the girls are excited to travel around on the team bus, driven by Manager Dave, white water rafting, paintball and “getting a few sleep-ins”.


U14 Boys Black

Coach: Don Cameron

Manager: Matt Holdway

The U14 Boys Black Team are looking forward to playing against teams from all over the world and gaining experience in playing another high level tournament. They will look to work together as strong team unit after training together for more than 12 months.


The boys are looking forward to experiencing a trip away overseas with their teammates, the hungi in Rotorua and agro adventures.


U14 Boys White

Team nickname: The Ducks

Coach: Ansis Eversons

Manager: Tracy Miosge

The U14 boys B team (the ducks) are looking forward to having the opportunity to play in a large tournament overseas, learn from their experience and improve their skills. They’re also looking forward to trying their best, scoring some goals, winning a few games and having fun.


Out of the pool they’re all looking forward to seeing New Zealand. They can’t wait to try out all the activities like bungy jumping and paintball and going to Rotorua. This will also be the first time flying overseas for a few of the boys so they’re excited about the new experience.


U16 Girls Black

Coach: Megan Torre

Manager/Assistant Coach: Matt Turnbull

The team is looking forward to trying out new plays-especially in extra defense, getting to play with girls from a range of different clubs, and experiencing the coaching styles from Megan and Matt.


Everyone is excited to be playing in a different city where they have the opportunity to see new sights and experience activities such as reverse buggy, white water rafting, luging, and Agro Adventures!


U16 Girls White

Team nickname: White Seals

Coach: Mel Taylor

Manager: Julianne Brettargh

The U16 White Seals are made up of U14 players playing in week 2 as well as 3 players from Ovens and Murray. The team will look to utilise the leadership qualities of the older O&M players as well as develop leadership qualities within the younger ranks. The girls are looking forward to playing against teams from all over the world and playing to the best of their ability.


The girls are also very excited to go Bungee Jumping on their day off!



U16 Boys Black

Coach: Ryan McDermott

Manager: Mike Maroney and Todd Hosmer

The U16 Black Team are looking to have strong performances at this year’s Pan Pacs Festival. The team features 7 players from the CWPA program with 5 athletes from St Mary’s High School, California, joining them to create a well-balanced team with a bit of flair. This group of boys have been playing together for a number of years both in Australia and in the USA and will look to gel playing experiences early in tournament to give themselves the best chance of winning their games.


The boys are looking forward to making friends from another country which will turn into lifelong friendships as seen within the team management. Mike Maroney the team manager was Matt Turnbull’s coach when Matt attended University of the Pacific in the early 2000’s.


U16 Boys White

Coach: Don Cameron

Manager: Matt Holdway

The U16 White team are looking forward to playing against big and strong opposition teams from all over the world. With the majority of the team U14 players, they will look to the few older players to lead by example and develop some leadership skills over the week.


The boys are also looking forward to giving the giant sling-shot a go, exploring a new city, as well as spending time with team mates.


U18 Girls

Coach: Megan Torre

Manager: Sam Elliot

What is the team looking forward to at the tournament (game play)?-The girls are looking forward to playing a more aggressive-style of game where they are specifically excited about playing a strong attack and looking dangerous at the goals!


The team is excited about getting to know one another; bonding with their teammates, as well as doing the various activities that are planned!


U18 Boys

Coach: Ryan McDermott

Manager/Assistant Coach: Matt Turnbull

The U18 Boys will look to replicate the strong results of the 2014 U18 Boys team when they hit Auckland. With most of the boys playing in the U16s competition their skills and game play will be at an all-time high and will welcome top age players, Oliver, Xavier, Jordy and Lucas into the team for the week 2 tournament.


The U18s team are looking forward to also attending the Rotorua part of the trip where they will be able to have some fun after 2 weeks of tough Water Polo. Gus Shepherd has already tipped himself to be “King of the Mountain” when the team heads to Luging on the 2nd last day of the tour.


Finally we have another CWPA athlete competing as apart of the Australian Born 2000 Girls team. We would like to wish the best of luck to Siani Swarbrick who will compete in the U18 and U20 competitions. We look forward to watching you and potentially competing against you in week 2.


We would like to wish all teams the best of luck and hope that all athletes have a successful and enjoyable tour!