WATERPOLOOZA 2016 Final Wrap


Dear All,

Thank you so much to all of you who made WATERPOLOOZA happen. Without your dedication and effort to this age group the tournament would not be in existence. This is the future of not only your clubs but Water Polo in Australia and it looks like it’s in pretty good shape.

The quality of play was of a very high level and that comes down to the fantastic work of our coaches and the programs they are involved with so well done to the clubs and coaches on the work you are doing at this grassroots level.

Also thank you and  well done to all our managers who were extremely easy to work with and made my job so much easier, without you the kids would not have been given the opportunity.

Thank you to our referees, there were only 10 of you to cover 65 games which worked out to be about 6-7 games per day, I feel the level of refereeing considering they are only beginners was very good.

Thank you to our Aussie Sharks players Richie Campbell, Johnno Cotterill and Joel Dennerley for dropping by to say hello to all our competitors and sign a few Autographs. Also thank you to WATER POLO AUSTRALIA for donating prizes for our pool party and for their continued support of the tournament to ensure it is a huge success.

Thank you to Brigadier Peter Gates who came along to our ANZAC Ceremony and spoke about the true meaning of ANZAC day as well as conducting the ceremony.

Finally thank you to Matt and the local parents who assisted me the whole weekend whether it was running the BBQ or doing table duty all your help is greatly appreciated!

Weve been able to get a fair bit of info and photos onto social media so please encourage parents and family to head to the “Canberra Water Polo Academy” Facebook page to see what we got up to over the weekend.

Below is a quick wrap on final placings.

Boys Division

1st – Sydney University Silverbacks

2nd – Dragons/Gunnamatta

3rd – O&M Boys

4th – SNB Boys Blue

5th – Sydney University Spider Monkeys

Girls Division

1st – UNSW Killer Whales

2nd – SNB Girls Blue

3rd – Gunnamatta

4th – SNB Girls White

Mixed Division

1st – Balmain

2nd – Nordek

3rd – O&M Mixed

4th – SNB Boys White

5th – Vikings

6th – Sydney University Griffins

7th – Dragons Mixed

8th – UNSW Orcas

Finally if you have any feedback regarding the tournament please don’t hesitate to reply back to this email as we are  always looking to improve our tournaments.

Thank you again for all your assistance in making WATERPOLOOZA 2016 bigger and better than ever and we hope to see you back next year!

Kind Regards,

Canberra Water Polo Academy